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It's time for government

to be reminded that it works for the people.


Chris is no stranger to public service. Having served our country as a Navy Seabee from 1991-99, Chris received numerous awards including SeaBee of the Deployment in 1992.  In 2005, Chris was elected to the Mooresville Town Board as Ward 4 Commissioner.  He was reelected in 2009 and selected by his fellow commissioners as the Mayor Pro-Tem.  In 2011, Chris was selected to serve in the NC Senate, where he represented Iredell, Lincoln and Gaston Counties until 2013.  Senator Carney served on several committees including Education, Health Care, Finance, and Vice Chairman of Transportation.  It was in this role that Chris helped secure the funding to realign the intersection of Hwy 115 and Mazeppa rd.  This project allowed for a 93 million dollar expansion of NGK Ceramics creating 86 jobs. A staunch supporter of local businesses, Chris was recognized as a "Champion of Small Business" by the Chamber of Commerce.  During Chris's tenure representing our community, Mooresville ranked first or second in business investment and job creation in the country.  As Mayor Pro-Tem, Chris worked with his fellow commissioners to recruit Niagara Water to our community.  This allowed for the Town Board to lower the water bills for each and every citizen. The most important thing the government can give its citizens is a safe community.  Chris knows that and champions the most competitive pay for first responders and always stands in support of fire and police.  In 2012, Chris co-sponsored the "Cancer Bill" for the firemen of NC.  It's this support that has gotten Chris numerous endorsements from police and fire organizations over the years.   Since leaving the NC Senate in 2013, Chris has enjoyed spending time with his wife of 26 years,  He and Francie have three children, Rachel and Maddie (23) and son Will (19).  "One of the greatest gifts was getting to come home from Raleigh and spend the last years with our children before they left for college." Chris has continued to support our community by serving as the Republican representative on the Iredell County Board of Elections.  Chris has worked hard to ensure the citizens of Iredell County could have faith in the election process.  Chris and Francie have continued to be committed to helping several charities in Mooresville, as well as raising money for athletic fields for our children.  Chris has been an active member of Top of the Lake Rotary since 2004, including serving as a past president.  For Chris's commitment to our community, he received the "Old North State" award from the Governor of NC.


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*All contributions are to be made with personal funds only. North Carolina law requires reporting of the name, mailing address, employer and occupation for each individual whose total contributions exceed $50 during an election cycle. Contributions are limited to $6,400 per election, per person, and must be by check or credit card. Couples may contribute up to $12,800 for this election cycle from a joint account, but such a contribution requires both signatures. Contributions from lobbyists, corporations and foreign nationals are prohibited. Contributions are not tax deductible.

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